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The easiest method to verify training completed by students and staff  is to have them print their training records and provide you with a copy.

Supervisors can access their supervisees training record in the new Knowledge Link learning management system via the 'My Team' tab.  Knowlege Link offers a tutorial for Supervisors:

Radiation users can check training compliance by logging in to the Radiation Safety Toolbox using the long in credentials for their licensed group or department.




Common Laboratory Training Requirements

Training requirements are dependent on the type of laboratory work.  The following is a list of common curriculums and course work.  Other training modules may be required.

Management of Laboratory Waste:  Required for anyone working in a laboratory. Training is required every other year (biannually).

Chemistry Department Safety Training:   For Chemistry department only.  Note Chemistry department members may also take training for SEAS and LRSM if they arrive after the departmental training held in the fall.

Laboratory Safety for SEAS and LRSM Faculty, Staff, Students Curriculum:  First year satisfied by ‘Introduction to Laboratory Safety at Penn for SEAS Faculty, Staff and Students and ‘Physical Science Lab Safety Annual Update (online)’ required the following year and biannually thereafter.

Laboratory and Biological Safety at Penn Curriculum:  First year satisfied by ‘Introduction to Laboratory and Biological Safety’ and ‘Laboratory Safety Annual Update’ required the following year, then every other year (biannually) thereafter.

Laboratory and Bloodborne Pathogen Curriculum:  First year satisfied by ‘Introduction to Laboratory and Biological Safety’ and ‘ Bloodborne Pathogen Annual Update (online)’  required yearly thereafter.