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EHRS Resources

This section contains key manuals, policies and forms.

Approval & Proposals

Research Protocol Approvals

BSL-3 Research

Biological Registration

IBC Meeting Schedule

Hazardous Materials

Biosafety Manual

Chemical Inventory Software

Piranha and gas producing solutions

Involving Injuries

Regulatory Agency Inspections

Regulatory Agency Inspections


Safety Data Sheets

Shipping of Hazardous Materials

Shipping Dangerous Goods or hazardous materials (biological substances, chemicals, or radioactive materials) within and outside of the United States is subject to a variety of government regulations and airline industry and ground carriers’ requirements. Fines and penalties can be imposed against companies and individuals who fail to comply with the applicable rules including proper classification, identification, packaging, marking, labeling and documentation. Knowledge is crucial to ensure compliance. If you have any questions, please contact EHRS at 215-898-4453 or Marie-Luise Faber or Jim Crumley

Packaging & Shipping Dangerous Goods

Shipping Manual for Infectious Substances and Biological Materials

Training Requirements to Ship Dangerous Goods


EHRS Training @ Penn

EHRS Training Dates

Radiation Safety Training

Waste Management

Biohazardous Waste

Laboratory Waste Management

Satellite Accumulation Area Sign

Mercury-Containing Thermometers

Mixed Waste Disposal

Frequently Asked Questions

Laboratory Chemical Waste Management Guidelines

Disposal of Controlled Substances

Used Sharps

Biosafety Manual

Hazardous Waste Determination