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The Radioactive Waste Program services the University, the Health System, Childrens Hospital, Wistar Institute, New Bolton Center, the Science Center, and Monell Chemical Senses Center.

EHRS has upgraded to a new RAM database and the interface will be new to users.  Updated instructions to submit a waste request can be found below.

To request waste pickup:  Radioactive Waste Pickup Request (you will need the lab's user name and password) 

We willl collect your waste on Tuesday or Wednesday if we receive your request on or before Monday. Instructions for completing the request form can be found here:  Radioactive Waste Pickup Instructions.  Please have bags closed and waste tag attatched to each bag before placing request.

If you have  questions please contact Chris Tighe at 215-898-8987 or

The Radioactive Waste Program makes certain supplies available in the isotope distribution lab in Anatomy-Chemistry Room 421. See RAM Waste Supplies for details.

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