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Whenever possible, order your radioactive material directly from EHRS.  

All other orders must be approved by EHRS before the order is placed, including purchases from a radioactive material vendor, gifts, transfers from another internal Licensee, and transfers from another institution.

Please have all RAM orders (whether purchasing from EHRS or an outside vendor) entered by 9:00AM EST on Tuesday, 9/19/17.  After that time, our ordering system will be down.  It will be down for the remainder of 9/19 and possibly part of 9/20.

During this time, if you need to purchase RAM from EHRS or obtain an approval number to purchase RAM from an outside vendor, please email us at P-32@LISTS.UPENN.EDU and include your PI's name, vendor, isotope, chemical compound (EHRS orders only) and amount of activity.  Per usual, orders to be filled by EHRS for pick-up on 9/20 need to be submitted by 9:00AM that morning.

Once our system is up and running once again, we will email you back with an approval number for your order.

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Important: If you are ordering from an outside vendor, this process gives you approval to purchase, and will provide a requisition number (approval number), but does NOT actually place the order. That should be done through the normal ordering process for your lab. Refer to the User's Guide for complete instructions on ordering.

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