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Federal and State regulations require that all persons with unaccompanied access to irradiators must be back ground checked in order to determine whether they are trustworthy and reliable. This process includes fingerprinting and an FBI criminal history check. The NRC regulations (10CFR Part 37) can be found HERE.

Each employee or student needing to use an irradiator must complete an application and receive approval from Environmental Health and Radiation Safety.

Please select your institution/employer for an application form (pdf):
(Example: A Penn employee working at CHOP should complete the UPenn form)

Please complete all sections of the form legibly and in as much detail as possible. Additional information on completing the form can be found HERE.

EHRS will coordinate the process of obtaining fingerprints and background checks and the individuals involved will be contacted to schedule the process.  If you have questions or concerns please contact:

Dr. Alan Mahoney

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