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Radiation Safety Overview 

Radiation Safety Culture Policy Statement 

Radiation Safety Program Policy 


Radiation Badge Results

Badge wearers can access their dose history online via Landauer or Mirion's websites.  You can determine which vendor your badge is issued through by looking at the label on the front of your badge.

LANDAUER instructions: click here
MIRION instructions:  click here

Badged employees also have the option of contacting EHRS (215-898-4453) to review their individual record of doses received.

Radiation Safety Program

The Radiation Safety program is responsible radiation use at the University, the University Health System, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, the Wistar Institute, and Monell Chemical Center.  We ensure that activities involving radioactive material or energized equipment are performed in such a way to protect users, staff, patients, the general public and the environment from exposure and to ensure regulatory compliance. 

Eileen Normoyle Radiation Safety Officer 215-651-0543
Dr. Keith Brown, CHP Associate Director 215-651-0541
Marc Felice, DABR Associate Director 215-651-0538
Will Davidson Clinical Research 215-651-0537
Andrew Zimnoch Nuclear Medicine; Radiation Therapies 215-651-0857
Dr. Alan Mahoney Cyclotron, Irradiators, Emergencies 215-6669-8706
Dennise Magill. DABR Diagnostic X-Ray; Pregnant worker counseling 267-650-3843
Candi McDowell Authorized User Licensing; Radiation Oncology 215-520-2746
Chris Tighe Waste; Research Program; Shipping 215-898-8987
Kelsey Everett Lab clearances, Animal Use 215-651-0549
Jennifer Edmondson Badges, P-32 Distribution Program 215-651-0553
Dr. Natalie Januzis Diagnostic X-Ray 267-251-3572