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Electrical Safety Programs


This section contains information regarding the electrical safety programs at Penn.

Electricity has long been recognized as a serious occupational hazard. Exposure to electrical current may result in shock, electrocution (fatal), arc explosions, fire and falls.

The Electrical Safety Program and related programs and information listed below are designed to educate the Penn community about the hazards associated with working around electricity and to provide guidance to minimize the risk associated with electrical hazards.


View Penn's Electrical Safety Program (.pdf)

View Penn's Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout) Program (.pdf)

View Penn's Electrical Safety Fact Sheet (.pdf)


  • Quick References - The following materials are excerpts from Penn's Electrical Safety Program. They are provided here for quick and easy reference and printing. These materials must be used in conjunction with the full Penn Electrical Safety Program.

Arc Flash Hazard Identification by Task (.pdf)

Arc Flash Assessment for AC Systems (.pdf)

Arc Flash Assessment for DC Systems (.pdf)

Electrical Safety Risk Assessment Procedures (.pdf)

Electrical Safety in Research Labs and Support Shops (.pdf)

HRC/Arc Flash Personal Protective Equipment Categories (.pdf)

Shock Protection Approach Boundaries (.pdf)

  • Electrical Safety Program Forms

Accident/Incident Reporting Form (.pdf)

Custom Built or Modified Equipment Inspection & Approval Form (.pdf)

Electrical Safety Audit Checklist (.pdf)

Electrical Safety Job Planning Checklist (.pdf)

Electrical Safety Training Log (.pdf)

Energized Electrical Work Permit Form (.pdf)