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Section XV

Enclosing Beam Path to Convert Laser or Laser System to Class 1

A laser or laser system in which the entire beam path is enclosed and the enclosure fulfills all requirements of a protective housing is considered to be Class 1 and no further controls are needed. However, if the protective housing is removed, a temporary laser controlled area must be established and control measures applicable to the class of the embedded laser must be implemented. (See Section X.A.)

Modifications to commercial laser systems must be evaluated by the LSO Valerie Perez.

  1. Requirements for Protective Housings:
    • Protective housings shall limit the accessible laser radiation below the MPE
    • Protective housings shall prevent access to the laser during normal operations
    • Protective housings shall be equipped with safety interlocks wherever the protective housing can be opened, removed or displaced.
    • The safety interlocks shall be designed to prevent access to laser radiation above the MPE. (For example, the interlock may be electrically or mechanically interfaced to a shutter that interrupts the beam when the protective housing is opened or removed.)
    • The safety interlock shall be fail-safe. The use of redundant electrical series connected interlocks would fulfill this requirement.
    • Adjustments or procedures during service shall not cause the interlocks to be inoperative when the laser is placed back in operation.
    • The protective housing shall be labeled in accordance with ANSI Z136.1-2000. (See Section XIX.C.)
    • The embedded laser shall be labeled in accordance with ANSI Z136.1-2000. (See Section XIX.C.)

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