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Section XIII

Additional Control Measures for Class 3b and Class 4 Ultraviolet and Infrared Lasers

All of the control measures in Sections X-XII must be met. The following are additional control measures for Class 3b and Class 4 ultraviolet and infrared lasers:

  • Visible or audible warning devices shall be installed in areas where accessible laser radiation may exceed the MPE. These warning devices shall be clearly identified and visible from all areas of potential exposure.
  • Wear gloves, long sleeves and a face shield when manipulating UV beams
  • Install shielding that will attenuate UV radiation levels to below the MPE.
  • Infrared beam enclosures or backstops shall be constructed of infrared absorbent materials. Enclosures, backstops or other materials that may contact a Class 4 infrared laser shall also be fire resistant.

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