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A Principal Investigator (PI) has the overall responsibility for compliance with the Chemical Hygiene Plan in his or her laboratory. This responsibility may not be shifted to inexperienced or untrained personnel.  In addition research sponsors, such as NIH, expect grantees to meet applicable Federal, State, and local health and safety standards and implement the necessary measures to minimize their employees' risk of injury or illness.

The PI must assure that:

  • laboratory workers and others entering laboratory know and follow chemical hygiene SOPs.
  • proper lab attire is worn and that a laundry service is provided for lab coats.  Shorts and sandals are not permitted in the lab. 
  • appropriate training as determined by Penn Profiler has been provided to all occupants of the laboratory and that the PI is listed as the supervisor.
  • unsafe acts, conditions or inadequate facilities are reported to their Chair/Director, Departmental Safety officer or Environmental Health and Radiation Safety.
  • chemical inventory is performed. The use of certain toxins is restricted by CDC regulations and may require laboratory registration.
  • the Principal Investigator must complete a lab hazard survey and sign the Chemical Hygiene Work Plan in BioRAFT annually, when research conditions change; or when new research is initiated.
  • maintain a current list of lab members in BioRAFT.