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Lab Coat & Safety Eyewear Policy 

Lab workers must, at a minimum, wear lab coats and safety glasses while in a lab where chemicals are handled.  Lab coats and safety glasses are not required when sitting at a desk in the lab.

Additional protective equipment may be required depending on hazards in the lab. The Principal Investigator or their designee will review the need for additional protective equipment.

Shorts and sandals may not be worn into the lab even under a lab coat. 

Nitrile gloves are required when working with chemicals.

Lab coats should not be worn outside of the lab. The employer (principal investigator) must provide lab coats and lab coat laundering services at no cost to all employees who work in the lab.  Lab coats made of 100% cotton are required.  Lab coats containing Poly-cotton blends and clothing made of synthetic fibers are not permitted.

EHRS has partnered with Fisher Safety to produce the UVEX Genesis and the UVEX Astro OTG 3001 safety glasses with the Penn logo.  The UVEX Genesis provides excellent clarity and improved fit, style and comfort.  The Astro OTG 3001 can be worn over prescription eyeglasses.  They are available through the Penn Marketplace, from Fisher Safety, under part # 19 130 2060 ($5.95) for the Genesis and 19-150-500 (8.99) for the ASTO OTG 3001.  Fisher Safety offers replacement lenses available in a broad selection of tints and coatings that prevent scratching and fogging.