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Completion of chemical inventory is required for all laboratories.

With assistance from the Penn Green Fund the Office of Environmental Health and Radiation Safety (EHRS) is pleased to offer University laboratories access to chemical inventory software to help Penn research faculty manage their chemical storage.  It is our hope that the inventory system will greatly improve the ability of individual laboratories to efficiently manage the purchase of hazardous chemicals and reduce the University's hazardous waste stream.

CISPro® inventory software is a high-performance, relational database system for tracking chemicals and other laboratory supplies.  CISPro Live is a hosted, cloud-based solution and is completely web-based.

Frequently Asked Questions

See our FAQ sheet for answers to these common questions:

New users:


  • Why must I create a chemical inventory?
  • Must we use the CisPro system?         
  • Can I upload a spreadsheet or inventory information from another system?             
  • How much will this cost?              
  • Must every chemical be tracked in the inventory or only “hazardous” ones?             
  • Must I use barcodes?      
  • Am I required to share my inventory information with other lab groups?     


Existing users:


  • Where can I get copy of the user manual I was given during my training?   
  • Why can’t I log-in to CisPro Live?              
  • How do I keep my inventory current and refresh my information regularly?              
  • How are “Locations” barcodes used and how do I get them?          



CISPro Live is accessible from any modern Penn-supported browser (IE, Firefox, Safari).  Pre-printed bar coded labels for chemical containers are provided by EHRS.  We recomend that lab groups purchase at least one USB keyboard-wedge bar code scanners; however, barcode numbers can be manually typed into the system if you do not have a scanner. 

How register to use CISPro Live 

Lab groups must complete a LAB INVENTORY ACCOUNT form to obtain access to the inventory system.  The form obtains basic information for the inventory system including Principal Investigator information and the names of authorized users.

User IDs and passwords are managed by EHRS.  EHRS will contact the staff identified on the LAB INVENTORY ACCOUNT form to set up accounts.  Users will be given the option to be added to the list server that will be used to update CISPro Live users with important information and updates.


EHRS will provide in-lab assistance to new users to get them started in the process.

Account Limitations

The amount of time that an account will be connected to CISPro Live is limited.  Penn has purchased the rights to have a maximum of five users logged into CISPro Live at any time. Accounts will be logged out after ten minutes of inactivity.  Email if you are unable to access CISPro Live.