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Research laboratories are inspected by EHRS staff on a regular basis. Investigators are notified of the inspection 5 to 10 working days in advance. Inspections may be rescheduled if the lab group has a conflict (such as a conference or proposal deadline). The purpose of the inspection is to improve the storage, use and handling of chemicals and biohazardous materials in research laboratories and focus our training and educational efforts.

The University of Pennsylvania’s Office of Environmental Health and Radiation Safety (EHRS) uses the BioRAFT System to manage our laboratory safety program. BioRAFT is a web-based research management platform that supports laboratory safety compliance.  BioRaft will allow EHRS to send electronic reports to Principal Investigators promptly following an inspection. This tool will also help EHRS and PIs to keep track of inspections, the findings and the progress of corrective actions.

Inspections place emphasis on evaluating compliance with PENN's Chemical Hygiene Plan and Biosafety Manual. We encourage lab staff to ask questions and identify laboratory problems during the audit.