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eShip@Penn® is the University's enhanced express shipping system. The system helps to minimize the University’s risk associated with shipping dangerous goods or other regulated materials.  

The system ensures that shipments are prepared in accordance with the most current dangerous goods regulations from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the United States Department ofTransportation (DOT). The system also provides guidance to those who need to ship internationally.

Users must have current shipping training to ship dangerous goods and hazardous materials.  The eShip@Penn system verifies training through KnowledgeLink. Users must also be an Authorized Shipper in the system.  Contact your School or Center's senior business administrator for details.


Users benifit as follows:

  • Choose from a variety of carriers (UPS, FedEx and DHL) to determine which one best meets their specific needs;
  • Shop and compare costs to ensure that Schools and Centers receive the best price from available carriers;
  • Track shipments from an integrated at-a-glance dashboard, regardless of the carrier used to ship the package; and
  • Preprint shipping labels.


Questions about this express shipping system can be addressed to Penn Mail Services.


eShip@Penn is a registered trademark of The University of Pennsylvania.




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